Welcome back to Somerville College Library

Important information for all Library users in Trinity Term:

All desks downstairs in the main library and in the classics room now have their own dedicated power points.  

Hot desks are now back in operation. These desks are to be kept clear when unattended to maximise the study space available for all users.  All hotdesks are clearly marked and are as follows:

The aisle seats in the four reading bays on the ground floor of the Library,

Two of the eight seats  in the law room,

The whole of the centre table in the upper library,

Two of the six seats in the Classics Room.  

*Any books, papers and other possessions left at these hot desks unattended are highly likely to be removed to make space for other library users *

We will leave a trolley by the large hotdesk in the centre of the upper library on which you may leave checked-out books or papers. 

‘Please Leave’ notices are not valid in hot desk areas, however, we will not remove items between 12.30pm and 2pm


Elsewhere in the library

  • Please make every effort not to leave books or papers in the library this term as pressure on study space is considerable.
  • If you really need to leave items in the library, please leave them in a tidy pile to one side with a current ‘Please Leave’ notice.
  • Do not leave any items on the floor (they will be cleared away)
  • Remember to check out books that you leave in the library or they may be removed and reshelved
  • Please clear the library of your items as soon as you have finished using them.


Food and drink (apart from bottled water) is not permitted in any part of the library at any time.  We will confiscate any such items we find. 


There is a small exhibition of books about stress & anxiety, exam skills, study skills, writing essays in the library loggia – please feel free to borrow and suggest any others that you think would be useful


The exam period can be  a stressful time for everyone – please use the library and its environs with consideration for each other.


If you are having difficulty finding space to work or have any other issues whilst using the library, please come and talk to one of us and we will do our best to help.

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