Degree Days

Please read the following information about degree ceremonies.

At the moment, Somervillians are able to graduate at the following ceremony:

  • 14.30 on Saturday 3 March 2018

Bookings for the following ceremonies will open at the end of December for current finalists:

  • 14.30 on Saturday 14 July 2018 (places available for Clinical Medicine students and Graduate Entry Medicine students only)
  • 11.00 on Saturday 21 July 2018
  • 14.30 on Saturday 28 July 2018
  • 14.30 on Friday 2 November 2018
  • 14.30 on Saturday 2 March 2019

It is possible to graduate in absence at any ceremony. You can only receive your degree in person at those ceremonies where places are indicated. Only one degree can be conferred in person at a given ceremony. Additional degrees taken at that ceremony must be received in absence.

If you are graduating in person, you and your guests will be invited to attend a champagne reception after the ceremony. This is complimentary for graduands, but there will be a charge for your guests.


The process for booking on a degree ceremony varies depending on the following:

  • The type of graduand
  • The time of year
Current undergraduate and taught graduate finalists

All current finalists will receive an email invitation from the University at the end of Michaelmas Term to book on a ceremony the following year. Finalists will have until 31 January to select a date through Student Self Service. Certain ceremonies are only open to particular groups of students so finalists might have a limited choice available to them. Once the deadline has passed, finalists cannot amend their booking through the system and should email to do this.

Research graduates

Those doing research degrees will automatically be emailed by the University when they have submitted their thesis and be offered a date to graduate.


Anyone who has not taken their degree in the past and wants to receive it in person should complete and return the Degree Day Booking Form. Please note that current finalists have priority during December and January each year. Any alumni bookings taken during this period will be processed, but will not be confirmed until February. If you would like to receive your degree in absence, please complete and return the Degree Day Booking Form and you will be added to the next available ceremony.

Oxford MA

The status of Master of Arts is a mark of seniority within the University which may be conferred twenty-one terms after matriculation. This is not an automatic process and to obtain your MA you must apply to graduate at a degree ceremony (either in person or in absence).

You must have had your BA or BFA conferred in order to take your MA. They can be conferred at the same ceremony provided that sufficient time has elapsed since you matriculated. You are not eligible to take an MA if your undergraduate degree is an Oxford integrated Master’s degree.

If you would like to receive your MA in person, please complete and return the Degree Day Booking Form. Please note that students receiving their first degree have priority for places so it will not normally be possible to confirm in person bookings until three months before the ceremony. If you would like to receive your MA in absence, please complete and return the Degree Day Booking Form and you will be added to the next available ceremony. You will also need to pay the MA charge of £40 through the University Online Store.

What to wear

Graduands must wear the following:

  • your preferred sub fusc
    • either dark suit with dark socks, or dark skirt with black tights or stockings, or dark trousers with dark socks
    • dark coat if required
    • black shoes
    • plain white collared shirt or blouse
    • white bow tie, black bow tie, black full-length tie, or black ribbon
  • the appropriate academic dress including a mortar board or soft cap

You will be sent more information about academic dress approximately eight weeks before the ceremony. Guests do not need to wear robes.

Degree certificates

Degree certificates are provided by the University rather than Somerville. They are automatically issued following graduation whether you have received your degree in person or in absence. You must have graduated at a degree ceremony either in person or in absence in order to obtain a degree certificate.

If you have not yet graduated, but need proof that you have completed your degree, you can order a degree confirmation letter from the Degree Conferrals Office. If you have lost your original degree certificate, you can order a replacement from the same office.