Seating space in the Library

Trinity term is now in full swing and the Library is already being well used.

This of course means that there isn’t much free seating: if you wander around the Library and are struggling to find somewhere to sit , then please come and tell the Library staff and we will do our best to find you a space. A member of Library staff will be going around the Library every hour and may very well know where there is a quiet spot!

For those who have found themselves a space to work in, would you please make sure that you do not spread over more than one desk space. When you are not in the Library please place your books and papers in the trays/on the shelves provided, with an updated ‘please leave’ notice (this is the rule for overnight), or if you are leaving for an hour or so, push your things to the side of the desk so that the space is available for other users.

The Library rules are there to allow the maximum number of people possible to use the Library comfortably, but are particularly important during this, the busiest term of the year.

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