Results of Feedback Session

On March 2nd five students joined us for tea and cakes and gave us their views on the College library service.  We were very pleased to hear that in general, they had a very positive view of the College library.   Improvements are always possible however and here  are the summarised answers to the questions we asked them with notes on how we are responding:

Question 1  – How to increase participation in feedback?

Talk more to individuals – maybe in the loggia? Email is not the best way of attracting attention. Maybe short questionnaires on desks?

Action – Will bear this in mind for future consultations

Question 2 – Books left on desks – Good or bad?

Group was split here.  Useful for second years who live out to be able to store things.  Nice to have desks clear though.  Perhaps increase storage space and keep desks clear.  Didn’t like people taking over spaces with stickies, whiteboards etc. JCR meeting to consult further.  Seemed to be more books on desks this year than last year.  Could we clear desks at regular intervals?  Hotdesks are useful.  Maybe increase number.

Action – We will certainly increase the number of hotdesks for the Trinity Term.  For next academic year, we will talk to library committee and JCR about whether to make space for book and paper storage in the library (under windows upstairs, more trolleys, maybe shelves/lockers in the West staircase) and then clear all desks  every morning. 

Question 3 – Print Journals used?

Mostly no. Some like them but wouldn’t find it impossible if they were cancelled.

Action – Useful to know but no action as yet.

Question 4 College Library website – do you use it?

What would you like to see on it? Many people unaware of it.  What’s on it?  Historians would be interested  in more on history and special collections.  Like the archives blog.  Links to things would be good.  Ideas about subject specific resources.  Somewhere to give feedback would be good too.

Action – We will continue to develop the website for these things and publicise it more.

Question 5  Enough books?

More copies of key texts.  Could library email tutors about their reading lists and core texts?    Maybe confine one copy – think people will respect this. 

Action – We will contact tutors more regularly about their reading lists but would appeal to users to let us know if there are problems accessing texts so we can either get more copies in or confine more to the library.

Question 6 Should we be using facebook or twitter?

Yes definitely facebook.  Not twitter – no-one uses it. 

Action – Facebook presence now on the Somerville Members page

Question 7 What would improve library?

One more chair in the OS room. Water? Group split over this but perhaps provide plastic cups for people to use.  

Action – Anne to check water in loos is drinking water. 

Question 8    Anything else?  John Stuart Mill Room.  Can we have access from time to time? 

Action – Anne in contact with Arts Week organisers to have an open day during Arts Week with a display of some of the library treasures.

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