Reports, talks and publications

The following talks were hosted or co-hosted by the OICSD and the paper below were published by OICSD scholars.

Griffanti, L., Zamboni, G., Khan, A., Li, L., Bonifacio, G., Sundaresan, V., Schulz, U.G., Kuker, W., Battaglini, M., Rothwell, P.M. and Jenkinson, M., 2016. BIANCA (Brain Intensity AbNormality Classification Algorithm): A new tool for automated segmentation of white matter hyperintensities. NeuroImage, 141, pp.191-205.

Barua, M. (2017) Nonhuman labour, encounter value, spectacular accumulation: the geographies of a lively commodity. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 42(2): 274-288.

S. Arora and J.W. Taylor. Rule-based Autoregressive Moving Average Models for Forecasting Load on Special Days: A Case Study for France. Under review.

R. Sinha. A new approach for irrigation investment programs with the consideration of sub-basin rainfall: Evidence from Madhya Pradesh, India. Under review.

R. Sinha. Do irrigation infrastructure investments enhance the subjective welfare of poor farmers? Evidence from Madhya Pradesh, India. Under review.


Thesis by OICSD Scholars

Shahana Munazir, 2016, Changing Traditions, Studying ‘Hybridity’ in Islamic schools for Girls in India

Ranu Sinha, 2016 Pathways to Water Security Evaluating the Impacts of Irrigation Investments in Madhya Pradesh, India

Radhika Khosla, 2016, Unpacking India’s Energy and Emissions FutureOverview of Research and Policy