Recalling books

Ever needed a book, but somebody else has it out? Here is a brief description of how to get it recalled to the Library.

There are several ways of asking us to recall a Somerville Library book, all you need is the Title, Author and Shelfmark of the book:

1. Fill in the pink form at the Library desk, remembering to fill in your name, the date and how soon you need the book.

2. Fill in the online form found here: Recall form

3. Email us at

We will then email and request the book back from the person who currently has it on loan, and it should be returned within three working days.

NB. If the book is still needed by the other reader, some negotiation may need to take place and may result in us needing to buy an extra copy, or, if you need it urgently, we will try and point you in the direction of other copies!

If you are asked to return a book that has been recalled, please do so a.s.a.p., as you will accrue a fine of 50p per book per day that it is overdue!

When returning recalled books, please hand them in/leave them at the Library desk, not in the returns box, as this allows us to process them faster.

One final thing to note: this is the simplest and fastest way to get a Somerville Library book back! You can place a Hold Request on SOLO, but this only means that it cannot be renewed and will be held at the desk when it is returned – it does NOT mean that the reader who currently has it has to return it. This means that, as our loan periods are long, you may end up placing a hold and not seeing the book for two months!

We only operate book recalls during term time.

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