Please look after the Library!

The library gets particularly heavy use during Trinity Term every year and this means that it is even more important to maintain the library rules to stop a fast descent into chaos!

Please be respectful of each other’s need for quiet and a clear space in which to work,  particularly those who don’t have exams this year – your time will come…

So a quick reiteration of some of the rules:

  • Noise The library is a quiet working space so please do not chat.  Use the loggia downstairs or book the group study room if you want to talk to or work with friends.
  • Food and Drink Do not bring food or drinks other than water into the library.  Food leads to mice etc. and nobody wants that. Food also smells and gets onto books and desks which someone then has to clear up.  Please do not eat in the library.
  • Storage The trays and bookcases at the ends of desks are for you to leave items in while you are not in the library.  Please clear them when you don’t need them so that others can use them.
  • Do not move trays around the library but do leave a note with your things giving your name and the date. Items with dates more than three days old are likely to be removed.
  • Unattended books If you do not check books out to yourself before leaving them anywhere in the library (including storage spaces), expect them to  be reshelved.
  • Unattended work  Please do not leave your books and papers unattended on desks for more than a lunch or dinner break.  We may remove them without further warning.
  • Unattended valuables  Be careful with your belongings. If your unattended laptop goes missing from the library it is not necessarily the library staff who have it!

If you would like any clarification or to make a suggestion/request, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us either at our desk/the office, or by email at

Good luck and best wishes!

Anne Sue and Matthew


Somerville College Library

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