Joanna Innes

Winifred Holtby Fellow and Tutor in History (Somerville); Professor of Modern History
Faculty of History

Joanna Innes (Fellow in History)

Joanna Innes is a historian of government, society and ideas, in Britain, Europe and the larger European world, between the later seventeenth and mid-nineteenth centuries.

I grew up partly in Britain, partly in the US. I studied at Cambridge, and have been teaching at Oxford since 1982. Between 1990 and 2000 I was co-editor of Past and Present, and remain a member of this (and several other) journal editorial boards. I have spent several periods teaching or researching abroad: at the Australian National University; Keio University Tokyo; Ludwig Maximilian University Munich; the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Paris and the Ecole Normal Superieure at Cachan, Paris. I see the academic study of history as a collaborative exercise, and have been involved in collaborative projects throughout my career. The collaborative project in which I’m currently engaged — which focusses on changing ideas and practices of democracy between the mid eighteenth and mid nineteenth centuries – involves a good deal of European travel.

Two books that I have recently published are:

Joanna Innes, Inferior Politics. Social Problems and Social Policies in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Oxford, 2009)

Joanna Innes and Mark Philp eds. Re-imagining Democracy in the Age of Revolutions: America, France, Britain, Ireland 1750-1850

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