Dr Benjamin Owens

Lecturer in Medicine

Experienced experimental immunologist working on translational projects across murine and human systems.

Currently supported by an Oxford – UCB Pharma Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Particular interests in: Immune Regulation; Dendritic cell biology; Chronic inflammation; Intestinal mucosal immunology; Stromal immunology and the Stromal / Innate immune interface.

Currently managing several pre-clinical research projects:

– Phenotypic alterations of human intestinal stromal cells during chronic inflammation

– Novel innate immune functions of intestinal stromal cells

– Role of microRNAs in the regulation of dendritic cell function

– Development and optimisation of 3D culture models of the human intestine

I am interested in the development of novel therapeutics for chronic inflammatory disorders and am active in the industrial biopharmaceutical and entrepreneurial biotech environment, in addition to academia.

Co-founder & Chairman of the Stromal Immunology Group:

Oxford Page:

More information on my LinkedIn page:

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