Maximising collaborative research between India and the UK

27th October

_NAS4681_high-resThis one-day event brought together more than 60 participants including senior healthcare leaders, funders, and academics. The objective of the event was to discuss the needs and opportunities in maximizing collaborative research in healthcare between India and the UK, in light of India’s new national health policy. Dr Shahid Jameel, Chief Executive Officer of The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, gave the keynote speech. He talked about the current state of affairs in the Indian healthcare sector and India’s national health policy. We had a series of seven presentations outlining ongoing India-UK research, covering a broad range of very exciting topics, including: role of telemedicine to manage high-risk pregnancies in rural India, understanding the relation between migration and HIV, food insecurity and child development, rational approach to agency for mapping pathways into and out of poverty, ecology of black kites in the urban landscape, gene expression profiles following exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and child empowerment. These talks were followed by a stimulating panel discussion focusing on ‘India-UK research – Opportunities, challenges, and lessons’.  This event provided a platform for researchers working on projects related to ‘Healthcare in India’ to meet each other and explore opportunities for future collaboration and funding. We at the OICSD are committed to advance India’s sustainable development, and we will be hosting similar events in the coming future.


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