Please read the following information about the Middle Common Room (MCR) and Oxford University Student Union (OUSU).

Middle Common Room (MCR)

The Middle Common Room (MCR) is the graduate student body (like a student union) of an Oxford College. It is also the name of the common room(s) and facilities shared by graduate students. The Somerville MCR is in Margery Fry House, which is a building on the main College site reserved for graduate members of Somerville. The House is open all year round, both in term-time and during vacations. The House can be accessed from within the College grounds, and also has an independent entrance at 14 Little Clarendon Street, on the perimeter of the College. The facilities in the House are available to all graduate students at Somerville, whether or not resident in Margery Fry House. The Common Room has newspapers and a television set, an upright fridge/freezer, and facilities for making tea and coffee. There is also a small dining room with kitchen for private parties. The kitchen is furnished with an electric cooker, microwave ovens, cooking utensils and some crockery. On the ground floor of the House is a small card-operated laundry with limited washing, drying and ironing facilities. There is also a small computer room exclusively for the use of graduate students.

All graduate students of Somerville College who are reading for graduate degrees and diplomas are members of the College’s MCR. Though some members of the MCR were at the College and Oxford as undergraduates, many come from other universities, in the UK and abroad. The Somerville MCR has an Executive Committee to manage its affairs. The Officers are the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Social Secretary. In addition, there is a House Chair who is concerned with the running both of the residential part of Margery Fry House, and of its shared facilities. The President, House Chair and one other member of the MCR Executive live in the House ex officio. Members of the Executive Committee represent the MCR on the College’s Governing Body and on some of its Standing Committees (Education Committee, Finance Committee, Library Committee, Health and Safety Forum). If the MCR wishes to bring business to the Governing Body, the President will discuss this beforehand with the Principal. There are regular joint MCR/SCR symposia, where short papers are presented and discussed in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Dinner is also offered on these occasions. The Somerville MCR website is

Oxford University Student Union (OUSU)

Somerville is affiliated to the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU). The Union’s website is at