Library Rule Change, MT 2012

Due to increasing numbers of students living in College and following consultation with the JCR and MCR, the Library Committee has decided that the former practice of leaving items unattended on desks in the library will no longer be permissible. Therefore, from October 1st   2012, all desks in the library must be kept clear when not in use.


Users who have a need to leave books and papers in the library over a period of time may do so by depositing them in one of the trays or baskets provided at the end of tables as long as they comply with the following:

  • ‘Please Leave’ notices, completed and updated, must be placed on top of your items in the tray.
  • You may not occupy more than one tray, but you may also use the spaces available in the West Staircase for larger items etc.
  • Books left in trays must be checked out by the user

Please note in addition:

Any items left unattended on desks will be cleared away by library staff each morning and held for one week in the library loggia. After that, books will be reshelved and other items sent to lost property in the Porters Lodge

Library staff will clear all trays and dispose of any items left behind after the end of each term.

Library staff will remove prohibited items from trays (e.g. food, drink, ink bottles,  mobile phones or other items causing a noise nuisance)

This rule has been introduced to ensure that as many people as possible can use the library comfortably so please do give us your feedback

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