Library lost property

Think you’ve left something in the Library?

The Library staff will be having a clear out on Monday: if you think you have left something behind then please come and collect it before then, as all papers are liable to be disposed of, and other items of lost/unclaimed property will be removed from the Library and taken to the lodge.

Please note that there are quite a lot of books in Library lost property and, if unclaimed, these will either be disposed of or taken into Library stock, so please come and collect them!

If you are unable to come and collect things over the weekend, but think you have left belongings in the Library, please email us at with a description of the property left behind.

For those still here and working in 9th week please leave an updated “Please Leave” note with all belongings informing us of this (these are available at the Library desk). Also keep checking your email for further updates.

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