Gifts galore!

Somerville Library has recently been the grateful recipient of several very generous gifts of books from Old Somervillians!

On top of the previously mentioned collection of largely Italian books from Christina Roaf, all of which have now been accessioned, Chinta Kallie (English, 1969), Jeanie Moyo (from the library of her mother, Ruth Spalding (PPE, 1932)) and Gail Cunningham (née Pennington, English, 1966) have all donated books to the Library, a selection of which are listed below.

From Chinta Kallie a selection of mostly English books, including:

As well as several as yet uncatalogued antiquarian books, Jeanie Moyo has donated a selection of English, History, Politics and reference works, including:

Gail Cunningham has donated a large number of her own books on Philosophy, Politics (with a large number on nuclear disarmament), History and Biography (especially political biography), along with many books by and on Edward Thomas and D.H. Lawrence from her mother Marjorie Pennington’s collection, a selection of which are listed below:

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