Ruth Hunt: CEO of Stonewall

29 May 2019

Ruth has redefined Stonewall’s role as a charity, from one that enables change to one that empowers others to make change happen.

Under her leadership, Stonewall’s programmes and the way they are delivered have been refined to ensure they create sustainable, powerful grassroot activism, both in the UK and abroad.

In only five years, Ruth has overseen a 50% increase in the charity’s income and the steady growth of its structure, taking the team from 70 to 160 employees and securing Stonewall’s place as the leading lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality charity.

As an immediate priority after becoming CEO, Ruth spearheaded Stonewall’s commitment to trans equality. After careful consultation with trans communities, the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group was created and in 2017, after further consultation, A Vision for Change was launched. This five-year strategy sets out how Stonewall will help achieve legal and social equality for trans people across all areas of their lives.

Ruth has also established Stonewall as a leading voice on international LGBT equality, delivering ground-breaking international empowerment programmes in some of the world’s most hostile countries, in addition to being a major influencer on the UK Government, ensuring the UK is an informed and effective world leader for LGBT equality.

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