DVD Library

The JCR DVD collection is now available for members of the college to borrow from Somerville Library, and a full list can be found by following the link below:

There is also a selection of pre-existing DVDs, mostly foreign language movies, that are on the Modern Languages cinema papers:

(This list also contains our small collection of TV series, other than those on the JCR list)

If you have any recommendations or queries please email us at

Rules for borrowing DVDs:

The DVD collection is in a locked, glass-fronted cabinet in the loggia, and the key is kept by the Library Staff, so borrowing is only possible during the staffed hours of:

Term time: 9am-10pm Monday to Friday; 9am-1pm & 6-10pm Saturday and 6-10pm Sunday

Vacation: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

DVDs should be borrowed just like books, using the self-issue machine in the Library loggia

DVDs may only be borrowed for 7 days – failure to return or renew them within this period will result in a £1 fine

DVDs should be handed in to the service desk in the loggia (not placed on the trolley with the books) in order to prevent damage

NB. Due to licensing rules, DVDs are for personal use only, and cannot be shown at public viewings, such as film nights or in the college bar

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