Change to DVD display and borrowing

As of Friday 30th March 2012 the cases of all the DVDs classified as DVD F (not ML, D, or TV) will be on display on an open shelf in the loggia. [The two exceptions to this are ‘The Best of Ealing Collection’ and ‘The Werner Herzog Collection’, which both remain in the cabinet]

This is both to allow for further expansion and to make them more easily browsable, but also results in a slight change in borrowing: the discs themselves will now be stored/locked away at the issue desk.

When you wish to borrow one of these DVDs you should now take the case to the desk and ask a member of staff for the disc(s). The borrowing rules and periods remain the same.

Please note that this does not affect the borrowing of TV series, documentaries and our Modern Language films – these will continue to be kept in the glass-fronted cabinet, and must be asked for at the issue desk.

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