Book sale Trinity Term 2014

We have a number of books for sale – listed below at bargain prices!

Books will be sold on a first come, first served basis and the list will be updated when books are sold. Please note that this sale is open to members of college only.

Please email to reserve your items: due to the quite large number of books available in this term’s sale, we will be unable to display them in the loggia until we have sold a few. However, if you would like to look before you buy, please email us or ask at the Library desk!

Books can be collected and paid for in the library between 9 and 6 during the week or 9-1 on Saturday. Anything not paid for within three days of reservation will be readvertised. If you have difficulty coming into the library at these times but would like to reserve a book, please ask us to add it to your battels account.

The list will be edited fairly frequently, so please keep checking it!

As there are a lot of books, and on similar topics, if you would like to buy several then we are happy to listen to all reasonable offers!

Click the links below to go straight to the appropriate sections:


  • Bayley, J. Iris: A Memoir of Iris Murdoch (Abacus, 1998, Pbk) – 50p
  • Conradi, P.J. Iris Murdoch: A Life (HarperCollins, 2001, Pbk) – 75p

Russian and Eastern European Literature

  • Short, D. Essays in Czech and Slovak Language and Literature (School of Slavonic and East European Studies, 1996, Pbk) – 50p
  • Wellek, R. Essays on Czech Literature (Mouton, 1963, Hbk) – 75p


  • Burman, E. The Inquisition: The Hammer of Heresy (Sutton, 2004, Pbk) – 50p
  • Ponsonby, F., ed. Letters of the Empress Frederick (Macmillan, 1928, Hbk) – £1
  • Rawlinson, H.G.; Seligman, C.G., ed. India: A Short Cultural History (Cresset, 1943, Hbk) – 75p
  • Webster, C. The Great Instauration (Duckworth, 1975, Hbk) – £1.50

Politics & Economics



  • Alas, L. La Regenta (Alianza, 1984, Pbk) – 50p
  • Cela, C.J. La familia de Pascual Duarte (Destino, 1982, Pbk) – 50p
  • Cervantes, M. de Entremeses (Catedra, 1989, Pbk) – 50p
  • Gala, A. Los Bellos Durmientes (Espasa-Calpe, 1994, Pbk) – 50p
  • Goytisolo, J. Fiestas (Destino, 1981, Pbk) – 50p
  • Goytisolo, J. Juegos de manos (Destino, 1977, Pbk) – 50p
  • Goytisolo, J. Señas de identidad (Seix Barral, 1980, Pbk) – 50p
  • La Vida de Lazarillo de Tormes (Castalia, 1985, Pbk) – 50p
  • Ortega y Gasset, J. España Invertebrada (Alianza, 1981, Pbk) – 50p
  • Spender, R.J. Réquiem por un campesino español (Destino, 1984, Pbk) – 50p
  • Vega, Lope de La Dorotea (Castalia, 1980, Pbk) – 50p
  • Vega, Lope de Peribáñez y el Comendador de Ocaña (Castalia, 1985, Pbk) – 50p



French language and literature

  • Adéma, M.; Folliot, D., trans. Apollinaire (Heinemann, 1954, Hbk) – 50p
  • Balzac, H. de La femme de trente ans (Flammarion, 1965, Pbk) – 50p
  • Balzac, H. de Le Père Goriot (Livre de Poche, 1995, Pbk) – 50p
  • Balzac, H. de Une ténébreuse affaire (Gallimard, 1973, Pbk) – 50p
  • Breton, A. Entertiens (1913-1952) (Gallimard, 1969, Pbk) – 50p
  • Beauvoir, S. de La force des choses (Gallimard, 1963, Pbk) – 75p
  • Beauvoir, S. de Une mort très douce (Gallimard, 1964, Pbk) – 50p
  • Beauvoir, S. de Tout compte fait (Gallimard, 1972, Pbk) – 75p
  • Broome, P., ed. Henri Michaux (Athlone, 1977, Pbk) – 50p
  • Céline, L.-F. Voyage ua bout de la nuit (Gallimard, 1952, Pbk) – 50p
  • Cave, T., ed.. Ronsard the Poet (Methuen, 1973, Pbk) – 75p
  • Daninos, P. Les carnets du major W.Marmaduke Thompson (Livre de Poche, 1973, Pbk) – 50p
  • Davies, M. (Old Somervillian) Apollinaire (St. Martin’s, 1964, Hbk) – 75p
  • Duras, M. Moderato cantabile (Les Éditions de Minuit, 1958, Pbk) – 50p
  • Gautier, T. Émaux et Camées (Droz, 1947, Pbk) – 50p
  • Hugo, V. Ruy Blas; Les Burgraves (Nelson, n.d., Hbk) – 50p
  • Hugo, V. Ruy Blas; Les Burgraves (Nelson, 1930, Hbk) – 30p
  • Laforgue, J.; Collie, M., ed. Les Complaintes (Athlone, 1977, Pbk) – 50p
  • Marivaux Les Fausses Confidences (OUP, 1971, Pbk) – 50p
  • Marivaux Théâtre. Tome I (Livre de Poche, 1966, Pbk) – 50p
  • O’Brien, C. Cruise Camus (Fontana, 1970, Pbk) – 50p
  • Pascal, B. Pensées et Opuscules (Hachette, n.d., Hbk) – 50p
  • Peyre, H., ed. Baudelaire@ A collection of critical essays (Prentice-Hall, 1962, Pbk) – 50p
  • Revel, J.-F. Sur Proust (Juillard, 1960, Hbk) – 50p
  • Supervielle, J. Le forçat innocent; suivi de Les amis inconnus (Gallimard, 1969, Pbk) – 50p
  • Supervielle, J. Gravitations (Gallimard, 1966, Pbk) – 50p
  • Verne, J. Jules-; Greaves, R., trans. Jules Verne: A Biography (MacDonald and Jane, 1976, Hbk) – £1
  • Voltaire Candide, L’Ingénu, L’Homme aux quarante écus (Cluny, 1936, Pbk) – 50p
  • 14 individual texts by Emile Zola, all priced at 50p, in the Livre de Poche series: if you would like them all, prices can be negotiated!


  • Alcott, L.M. Little Women (Blackie, n.d., Hbk) – 50p
  • Cleland, J. Fanny Hill (Heron, 1973, Hbk) – 50p
  • Greene, G. The Human Factor (Bodley Head, 1978, Hbk) – 75p
  • Greene, G. Travels with my aunt (Bodley Head, 1969, Hbk) – 75p
  • James, H. Washington Square (Signet, 1964, Hbk) – 50p
  • Lewis, C. Day An Italian Visit (Jonathan Cape, 1953, Hbk) – 75p
  • Reed, H. A Map of Verona: Poems (Jonathan Cape, 1946, Hbk) – 50p
  • Saki The Best Of (Picador, 1976, Pbk) – 50p
  • Scarfe, F. Auden and After: The Liberation of Poetry 1930-1941 (Routledge, 1942, Hbk) – 50p
  • Smollett, T. The Adventures of Roderick Random (Folio Soc., 1961, Hbk) – £1
  • Spalding, F. Stevie Smith: A Biography (Norton, 1991, Pbk) – 50p

Classics and Ancient History

Literary Theory and Criticism

  • Eco, U.; Torrigiani, U. Esposito-, trans. La structure absente (Mercure, 1972, Pbk) – 50p
  • Kenan, S. Rimmon- Narrative Fiction: Contemporary Poetics (Routledge, 1983, Pbk) – 50p

Geography and Travel Literature



  • Bellmann, W., ed. Gerhart Hauptmann: Der Biberpelz (Reclam, 1979, Pbk) – 30p
  • Hein, J., ed. Johann Nestroy: Der Talisman (Reclam, 1980, Pbk) – 30p
  • Nestroy, J. Der Talisman (Reclam, 1978, Pbk) – 30p
  • Sembdner, H., ed. Heinrich von Kleist: Der zerbrochne Krug (Reclam, 1979, Pbk) – 30p
  • Stern, J.P., ed. The World of Franz Kafka (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1980, Hbk) – £1
  • Sternheim, C. Die Hose (Luchterhand, 1980, Pbk) – 50p


  • Pavese, C. Dialoghi con Leucò (Mondadori, 1978, Pbk) – 50p
  • Petrarch Selected Poems (Manchester UP, 1971, Pbk) – 50p


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