Book Sale 2013



We have a number of books for sale – listed below at bargain prices!

Books will be sold on a first come, first served basis and the list will be updated when books are sold.

Please email to reserve your items, or come and have a look in the Library loggia before buying!

Books can be collected and paid for in the library between 9 and 6 during the week or 9-1 on Saturday. Anything not paid for within three days of reservation will be readvertised. If you have difficulty coming into the library at these times but would like to reserve a book, please ask us to add it to your battels account.

Click the links below to go straight to the appropriate sections:


  • Huxley, A. The Perennial Philosophy (Chatto and Windus, 1946, Hbk) – 75p


  • Hammond, J.L. and Foot, M.R.D. Gladstone and Liberalism (EUP, 1952, Hbk) – 50p
  • Temperley, H. The Foreign Policy of Canning, 1822-1827 (Bell, 1925, Hbk) – 75p



  • Fry, Margery Arms of the Law (Gollancz, 1951, Pbk) – 50p, 2 copies


  • Franklin, B.; Bigelow, J., ed. The Life of Benjamin Franklin (OUP, 1949, Hbk) – 75p
  • Jones, T. A Diary with Letters: 1931-1950 (OUP, 1954, Hbk) – £1.00

English literature and language

  • Kennedy, M. Jane Austen (Barker, 1950, Hbk) – 50p

Politics & Economics

  • Bennett, G. and Hamilton, K.A., edd. Documents on British Policy Overseas. Ser. III, Vol. I: Britain and the Soviet Union 1968-1972 (H.M.S.O., 1997, Hbk) – £1.00
  • Tulloch, H. James Bryce’s “American Commonwealth”: The Anglo-American Background (RHS, 1988, Hbk) – £1.00
  • Ward, B. The International Share-Out (Nelson, 1938, Hbk) – 50p




  • Arend, A. (Old Somervillian) Aus meinem Nachtebuch (Projekte Verlag, 2007, Pbk) – 30p
  • Arend, A. (Old Somervillian) So sage ich’s Meinem Kind (Projekte Verlag, 2006, Pbk) – 30p
  • Aue, H. von Der Arme Heinrich (De Gruyter, 1958, Pbk) – 20p
  • Aue, H. von Erec (Fischer, 1975, Pbk) – 50p
  • Braune, W.; Mitzka, W., ed. Althochdeutsche Grammatik (12. Aufl., Niemeyer, 1967, Hbk) – £1
  • Fontane, T. Grete Minde (Methuen, 1973, Pbk) – 50p
  • Fontane, T. Unwiederbringlich (Ullstein, 1976, Pbk) – 50p
  • Hausen, F. von Lieder (Reclam, 1984, Pbk) – 30p
  • Herzog Ernst (Reclam, 1972, Pbk) – 30p
  • Hotz, K., ed. Arbeitstexte fur den Unterricht: Deutsche Sprache der Gegenwart (Reclam, 1977, Pbk) – 30p
  • Lang, M., ed. Ostdeutscher Minnesang (Thorbecke, 1958, Hbk) – 50p
  • Langosch, K., ed. Konig Artus und seine Tafelrunde (Reclam, 1980, Pbk) – 50p
  • Die Lieder des Archipoeta (Reclam, 1979, Pbk) – 20p
  • Reinmar Lieder (Reclam, 1986, Pbk) – 30p
  • Reuental, N. von Lieder (Reclam, 1974, Pbk) – 20p
  • Wolff, G., ed. Arbeitstexte fur den Unterricht: Metaphorischer Sprachgebruch (Reclam, 1982, Pbk) – 20p


  • Burgess, G.S. Chretien de Troyes: Erec et Enide (Grant and Cutler, 1984, Pbk) – 30p
  • Noble, P.S. Beroul’s Tristan and the Folie de Berne (Grant and Cutler, 1982, Pbk) – 30p

Literature: General and Theory

Other Languages

  • Auty, R. Handbook of Old Church Slavonic. Part II: Texts and Glossary (Athlone, 1968, Hbk) – 75p

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