Year Reps

Once a Somervillian, always a Somervillian

The Somerville Association

Everyone who matriculates to Somerville is automatically a member of the Somerville Association, which aims to keep alumni in touch with one another and with the College.

The Alumni Officers and the Development Office team, many of whom are also Somerville alumni themselves, lead the way for College and it is hoped that establishing a system of Year Reps will encourage and expand alumni involvement.


Here’s what being a Year Rep entails:

Main tasks

a. Come to events
b. Send in their news, primarily for the College Records and the Annual Report


Nothing beyond a willingness to engage with Somerville and Somervillians!

Time commitment

This very much depends upon you and how active your year and fellow year reps wish to be.  As a minimum, year reps are expected to attend 1 meeting each year, in College, and to be a rep for an initial period of three years.


To College? A stronger alumni network.  To you?  All sorts – but, for starters, you would have the ‘inside track’ on current academic and student life at College and be first to know about alumni events.  You can widen your network of fellow Somerville alumni and be an integral part of a vibrant community.

What you won’t be asked to do as a Year Rep

Raise funds for College.

Support provided

Each year group will have more than one year rep, who will share the role.

College will provide: the infrastructure for how to contact your year group; a programme of events during the coming year; an annual summit of year reps; prompts and help.


Who to contact for support and further information

Alumni Officers Lisa Gygax and Liz Cooke

Tel: 01865 270632 / 280626