A day in the life of a Library Assistant

Since starting work at Somerville in 2010 it has been part of my job to go through some of the more unloved corners of the Library, and my search of the nooks and crannies has turned up various interesting and, on occasion, downright baffling items.

For example, in my first few weeks we opened up two baskets (now doing service as our free books holders) to find some rather dusty old curtains containing two Egyptian mummy masks and various Greek pots!

To today’s find, however:

Turning a sphere

It is a mint condition 16mm film of 28 minutes entitled Turning a Sphere Inside Out, by Nelson L. Max: it is a visual representation of a proof of Smale’s paradox, and took Max 7 years to complete! [See the wikipedia article for more:’s_paradox]

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