5 Good reasons to check out your books

We’ve recieved appeals from students this term to remind thier colleagues that checking out books is compulsory! So here is the reminder with some reasons why you should check out your College library books (whether you are taking them out of the College library or using them for long periods within it):

 1. A good deal of frustration and  wasted time is caused when  you, your colleagues and library staff look for books that appear available on the system but are missing from the shelves because they haven’t been checked out

2. If a book that has been checked out then gets recalled, it’s a signal to us that we might need to get extra copies. 

3. We use borrowing stats to prove to the College that Somerville students are using the library and therefore confirm its value to the College

4. We also use borrowing stats to decide whether a books needs to be withdrawn from the library or more copies bought

5. It’s a breach of the library (and therefore College) rules and a reportable offence.

 Somerville College students benefit from one of the largest College libraries in Oxford .  We have long loan periods,  minimal fines, 24 hour opening and self-issue.  In order to operate in this way, we rely on  users to comply with the library rules.   Repeated breach of the rules means that we would need to review these benefits.   


Please check out your books!

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