Library rules

The management of the Library is in the hands of the Library Committee, which includes JCR and MCR Representatives and reports via Education Committee to the Governing Body.  Book purchases are authorised by the college tutors; forms for readers suggestions for new books are available in the Library Loggia.


1. The Library is for use by members of the College only.  Visitors should make an advance appointment with the Librarian, and report to the College Lodge on arrival.

2. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the Library.

3. Food and drink may not be brought into the Library.  The only exception is for bottled water, which must be kept clear of the desk-tops and may be consumed only outside the reading rooms.

4. Every effort must be made to minimize noise and disturbance in, and immediately outside, the Library.

5. Mobile telephones may not be used in the Library.

6. The Library computers must be used for academic-related purposes only.

7. Books must be treated with care; in particular, they must not be scored, annotated or otherwise defaced.

8. Books, other than dictionaries and encyclopaedias, taken from the shelves for reading in the Library should not be replaced, but should be left at the passage end of the tables, or on one of the trolleys provided.  Any books or papers left in the library overnight should be stacked in one neat pile on the desk, with a "Please Leave" slip (available from the library front desk). Books left in this way must be checked out to the user on the self-issue system. Failure to comply will result in the books being reshelved and papers removed.

9. Books and periodicals may be confined to the Library at the discretion of the Librarian.  Examination papers, dictionaries, atlases, law reports and certain other reference books are normally for use in the Library only.

10. Other books may be taken out of the Library under the following conditions:

(i) every book taken from the Library must be checked out on OLIS

(ii) any book recalled by the Library must be returned as soon as possible;

(iii) a book may be passed on to another reader only if it is checked out in the name of that reader.  Books must not be lent to anyone who is not a member of the College.

(iv) all books must be returned to the Library, or renewed, at the beginning and end of each term, at the time fixed by the Librarian.

11. All loss or damage must be made good by the borrower.

12. The Librarian may in special circumstances give permission to past students and others to use the Library, for reference only.

Anne Manuel